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Page Content The results of this case study provide valuable lessons to other aspiring smart sustainable cities. This case study provides a valuable reference point to other cities pursuing smart city strategies. This set of KPIs for SSC was developed to establish the criteria for assessing the smartness and sustainability of a city, and to provide cities with the means for self-assessments, while simultaneously achieving the SDGs. It also maps the case studies to the various international agreements as well as to the SDGs.

It also suggests 10 key steps and provides some guidance to countries how to handle e-waste. It also presents case studies on the continuous monitoring systems installed in some countries in Latin America, as well as the policies adopted at governmental level for the implementation of Recommendation ITU-T K. Page Content 6. Page Content 7.

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  • September May Shaping smarter and more sustainable cities: striving for SDGs. Download report available in English.

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    Such achievements, however, are unattainable without proper stakeholder involvement and buy-in. The principal intention of this report is to go further and emphasize how ICTs can overcome some of the challenges faced in the water sector when there is proper stakeholder involvement.

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  • The Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability for the ICT sector is an ITU-T initiative which provides plenty of detailed support on how ICT companies can build sustainability into the operations and management of their organizations, through the practical application of international standards and guidelines.

    This document focuses on the main sustainability issues companies face in using ICT products and services in their own organizations across four main ICT areas: data centers, desktop infrastructure, telecommunications networks and broadcasting services.

    Sustainable Products. This document provides technical guidance on environmentally conscious design principles and best practices, covering development and manufacture, through to end-of-life treatment.


    Sustainable Buildings. This document provides technical guidance on environmentally conscious design, maintenance, repair and operating principles and best practices from construction through to lifetime use and de-commissioning. General Specifications and KPIs. This document explores how the various standards and guidelines can be mapped so that an organization can create a sustainability framework that is relevant to its own business objectives and desired sustainability performance.

    This survey reports the results of a wide analysis performed on a large set of commercially available external power supplies more than devices verified and more than electrically measured to assist the standardization activities within ITU-T Study Group 5 SG5 Recommendation ITU-T L. Mechanical, electrical and environmental characteristics have been evaluated; correlation and statistics have also been developed.

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    This report provides with an overview of eco-rating schemes developed by the mobile handset industry to communicate the sustainability performance of their products to consumers. This Guidance provides directions to ICT companies to promote effective procurement practices with suppliers and customers, and to implement consideration for greater awareness of environmental issues in their business transactions.

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    Boosting Energy Efficiency through Smart Grids. This report discusses the role of ICT in the smart grid with a view of energy efficiency, with the ultimate goal of hindering climate changes.

    It presents the potential of ICTs towards adaptation and mitigation through the concrete case of Ghana, illustrating the challenges and opportunities faced by developing countries in this field. Using submarine cables for climate monitoring and disaster warning: Opportunities and legal challenges. Recognizing the newness of such uses of undersea telecommunications cables and the complexity of national and international legal-regulatory regimes, this report examines opportunities and legal challenges arising from dual-purpose telecom-marine data cables for ocean and climate monitoring and disaster warning.

    Using submarine cables for climate monitoring and disaster warning: Strategy and roadmap. This report presents a strategy and roadmap to move forward this vision of incorporating sensors into submarine cables. Nowadays, submarine telecommunication cables that traverse oceans transmit the global Internet, but are deaf, dumb and blind to their ocean environment around them.

    A future is envisioned when telecommunication companies integrate ocean-observing sensors within their submarine cable systems. This new sensory data would crucially advance our knowledge in monitoring global climate change and tsunamis in the deep ocean.

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  • Using submarine cables for climate monitoring and disaster warning: Engineering Feasibility Study. This report investigates technical feasibility of modifying repeaters to support science instruments for incorporation into commercial telecom cables systems.

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    Cables for Climate Monitoring and Disaster Warning. Download here available in all ITU official languagues. Information and Telecommunication Technologies for Environmental Challenges.

    Download report available in all ITU official languages. Using submarine communications networks to monitor the climate.